Executive Support

Producer, Director James Sereno of Kinetic Productions provides Executive experience. Sereno’s credits include Gook, Man up, August at Akiko’s and Ms. Purple

Island Film Group helmed by Ricardo Galindez and Roy Tjoie (Producers Guild of America) develop lm and television projects for domestic and international distribution including Princess Kaiulani, Soul Surfer, Deadly Honeymoon and the cable series Beyond the Break.


Brand Development

Waikiki’s Executive Producer Jason Cutinella, through his company Nella Media Group has extensive experience in publishing and building brand identities.

Social Media

Social Media marketing company Point Hawaii, founded by producer Nicole Naone, has exponentially grown our following across all social media channels driving steady traffic to www.WaikikiTheFilm.com.


The successful Kickstarter campaign for Waikiki not only helped pay for our marketing efforts but it also served to build an engaged, committed audience of 430 Backers.

Public Relations

Serving as our local PR, Moderne Media has garnered placement in Magazines, Radio and Television.


SLAQR, affectionately dubbed “the hit makers” with offices in Los Angeles and Honolulu, will provide editorial and have already cut our stunning lm trailer.