Today our set builders and dressers really shined.  Analu Tomasu, Jon Bopp, Kira "Kiki" Krog, Clark Cuadro and Alex Hubbard went above and beyond what we thought possible and we are truly grateful to have such a talented team.  They built Tutu's House inside of Next-door, a nightclub in Chinatown formerly owned by our writer director Chris Kahunahana.   They then transitioned the entire set to be Branden's mother's house!  Pure movie magic at work.  

The star of today however was former Miss Hawaii, Claire Johnson.  Her performance literally had our entire cast and crew in tears.  Tears!  She operates and connects to others on a completely different plane and we are incredibly humbled to have someone on set tapped in on that level.  During an unscripted duet with Hawaiian icon Kimo Kahoano, the space was filled with such an epic electricity - lucky for us the cameras were rolling. 

We cannot wait for you guys to see this.

Chris Kahunahana