Sundance Lab Filmmaker Christopher Kahunahana shoots feature film WAIKĪKĪ and launches Kickstarter Campaign to finish the film for festival premiere. 


HONOLULU, HI — (December, 2017) –  After four years of dedication, hard work and much aloha, WAIKĪKĪ the movie is finally nearing completion.  With some kokua from you via our just launched Kickstart campaign, our post production dreams will come true! With guidance from the Sundance Institute and community support, we are very close to finishing a truly independent Hawaiʻi feature film written, produced, directed and starring Native Hawaiians. With your support we can finish something all of Hawaii can stand up and be proud of. 

Our Kickstater goal and rewards

We need $31,400.00 to complete the film's sound design, coloring, score and music. These are critical, key story telling elements for any movie. 

Donations can be made through Kickstarter campaign!  Every person that donates will receive a token of appreciation from our film crew. It was our goal for our Kickstarter campaign to create very unique gifts and experiences for our donors. 

Rewards include experiences such as a sunset sail aboard the Holokino, a traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe hosted by Austin Kino, Apprentice Navigator of the prestigious Hokule’a, a night out on the town with the film's producers and director with cocktails, conversation and more, or you could even end up as an Associate Producer on the film itself!  

Chris Kahunahana